It was about 6 o’clock in the evening when my friends and I were leaving the playground. There was a karate club there and the days of the club was divided into odd days for men and even days for women. It was an even one, because we could hear women shouting when practicing karate. One of the windows of the club was a little broken and there was a hole in it. I didn’t mind to take a look at the women and neither did my friends. I was somehow scared that someone might see us. However, I just put my hands on the window’s edge to pull myself up. I closed one eye and looked with the other. Everybody were shouting and trying to draw me back for it was their turn to watch. I resisted. One of the women saw my shadow because of the light behind me. She let out a shout and covered her body very quickly and alerted all the others to hide. I was very frightened and jumped down to escape. Everyone followed me hearing her mighty shout. It took me the whole day to feel relieved that no one has recognized me.

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