Those were the days, the gloomy short days. I was watching Daddy Long Legs on TV. Judy was writing a letter to her Daddy talking about being accused of plagiarism, having written a story which has been unconciously inspired to her. The joy of watching, the concern of tomorrow’s school undone homework, the dismal autumn sunset at the window, all and all mixed together to make me feel like getting out and walking aimlessly.

Dismal Autumn Sunset

I was a kid. And for a kid things are bigger than what they are. I thought that all the hope was gone. My mind was scarred, and the windows were barred…

* * *

Then all of a sudden, I grew younger. Things grew bigger then. Then it was the autumn which never changed in my frame. It was a déjà vu. An already seen vivid vision. My mind, scarred, broke through the window, barred.

The window barred and the mind scarred

There was a time. They stood on the hills, shouting for nothing, and nobody heard them nomore…

Now autumn has arrived again. I hear the tune. It’s a déjà entendu. An already heard clear tune of the falling leaves. It reminds me again of the dismal autumn sunset at the window – the unbarred window.

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