My Favorite Part of the Movie: Seven Pounds

Setting: A blind man, who’s a piano teacher, and a man are sitting in a cafe separately, and Susan, the waitress, is serving others. The blind man is not aware that the man is watching him. Blind man: Hey Susan, how’s Ryan? Susan: He’s at his dad’s this weekend. Blind man: Will you tell him … [Read more…]

Contradictory Matches

It’s funny! You have a miserable terrible life. You don’t have a good relationship with your folks. You don’t even have a family. You don’t have wealth. You don’t even have a shelter to snooze under. And you can’t sleep outside because it’s too chilly and you need to stay awake keeping yourself high to … [Read more…]

Form Or Content?

One of the controversial topics discussed in almost every field is the challenge between form and content. One of the examples I’ve encountered related to second language identity, was in the movie “The Terminal”. In this movie, Tom Hanks stars as Viktor Navorski, a Krakozhian (one of the imaginary Soviet Union nationalities) traveller who is … [Read more…]

You’re never left behind

“The one who falls behind, is left behind.” It’s one of the pirates’ rules. But there are always guidelines to add to a human’s rule book. Sometimes you fall behind and you wonder if you are going to be left behind, too. But the divine guidelines will always come back to help you out of … [Read more…]

Le Plus Grand Rêve

“Tu sais comment ça se passe… Tu sais ce qu’on doit faire quand on rencontre une sirène? On va au fond de la mer où l’eau n’est même plus bleue et où le ciel n’est plus qu’un souvenir et on flotte là, en silence. Et on reste là et on décide qu’on va mourir pour … [Read more…]

آدولف بی شرف (Inglorious Adolf)

همیشه دوست داشتم بدانم که چرا کسی هیتلر را نکشت تا دنیا از دست او راحت شود. بعضی ها می گویند که کسی جرأت آن را نداشت. اما آیا مجنونی پیدا نشد که ترس نتواند بر او غلبه کند؟ لابد در آن زمان حکیمی وجود داشته که با خود چنین اندیشیده است: “هیتلر نیز بگذرد، … [Read more…]

Inside, Outside

It’s never clear how someone may look like from the other end of the line. Nor isn’t it clear how you look like inside from the outside. When I ask someone, “What kind of person are you?” they may give you a brief definition of their characteristics. But to what extend are these definitions true? … [Read more…]