Forgive and Forget

People are different. I am different, too. I like things which they don’t, and so do they. Then it comes to emerge some situations which contradict one party’s interests. And you keep thinking about it! The more you feed the thought, the bigger it grows, and consequently, the more difficult it will be to forget. … [Read more…]

The Rapports

The more things you have in common with someone, the closer you are to them. Seldom has it happened that two people with numerous contradictions could have ever got along with each other. Nevertheless, you are sometimes in complete agreement with someone and the next month you hate them! But all it needs is time. … [Read more…]

God… Dieu…

I asked God: “How can I live better?” God replied: “Admit your past with no regret! Live your life with confidence and get ready without fear for what future brings to you. Keep your faith and give up your fear. Don’t believe your doubts and don’t doubt your beliefs. Life is amazing, only if you … [Read more…]

I Won’t Be A Sniper

There’s a poem: If I could have my wasted days backWould I use them to get back on track? Well, today is the day two years later after which I’d be singing this poem and would answer: “Yes, I can have two wasted years back, now it’s time to get back on track!” I was … [Read more…]

14 years old

It was about 6 o’clock in the evening when my friends and I were leaving the playground. There was a karate club there and the days of the club was divided into odd days for men and even days for women. It was an even one, because we could hear women shouting when practicing karate. … [Read more…]

Elementary Compositions

“I was walking on the street and saw an accident. A car hit a child and the child’s head was bleeding. All the people around were excited and watching. Someone called the police and another the emergency service. I was staring at what was happening that suddenly something came to my mind, yes, I had … [Read more…]

Autumn Sonata

Those were the days, the gloomy short days. I was watching Daddy Long Legs on TV. Judy was writing a letter to her Daddy talking about being accused of plagiarism, having written a story which has been unconciously inspired to her. The joy of watching, the concern of tomorrow’s school undone homework, the dismal autumn … [Read more…]

It’s been a long long time…

You know, yesterday was the first session of my French class. I was so excited that once the teacher said: “Come on boy! It seems that you’re very happy attending French class.” It didn’t bother me at all, coz I saw it in myself how thrilled I was. It gives me a fresh feeling. There … [Read more…]