Silence… Be quiet… Keep your pretty mouth shut… baba Shut up! . . بیابان را سراسر گل گرفته سخن خاموش برادر دل گرفته چه در خانه چه در صحرای خاموش وجودم را کزاز و سل گرفته . . راستی . . بیابان را سراسر مه گرفته

Dull World

Kids playing in the yardMen working on fields hardHorses pulling carriagesThis is the daily life in villages Some old man gets ill and diesHis old woman kneels and sighsSome new suddenly bears upThe young mother then cheers up On one end of the laneSomeone sitting in painAsking for his botherReplies of traitor brother On the … [Read more…]

Dull World

Kids playing in the yard Men working on fields hard Horses pulling carriages This is the daily life in villages Some old man gets ill and dies His old woman kneels and sighs Some new suddenly bears up The young mother then cheers up At one end of the lane Someone sitting in pain Asking … [Read more…]

Little Jack and Big Daddy

Whenever Jack sobs, For he ain’t have jobs, Daddy gives him gobs. Whenever Jack sighs, For his mother soon dies, Daddy gives him eyes. Whenever Jack grunts, For the things he wants, Daddy gives with no daunts. Whenever Jack yells, For the incoming hells, Daddy rings some bells. Whenever Jack frights, For the dark at … [Read more…]

A Black Kid Wrote it!

Racism! A very hot topic to discuss on media. I think everybody has read the poem: “Where the rainbow ends!“. When I read the poem I was so impressed. But when I read the following one, I got double impressed! The following poem was written by an African kid: When I born, I black When … [Read more…]

Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind

The rain running, down on the land Won’t you please take me far away I want to go but it’s raining And I’ve got no umbrella to go Tuesday’s gone with the wind My last chance’s gone, gone with the wind And I don’t know, where I’m going to I just want to be left … [Read more…]