Turn the Page

Well, it’s now been a long time I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’m no stationery traveler. I’ve always been watching travelers going past me and seeking their adventures. I’ve always envied them. Isn’t it time I stopped fooling around and making up my mind and hitting the road? I think I deserve it. Anyway, … [Read more…]

Contradictory Matches

It’s funny! You have a miserable terrible life. You don’t have a good relationship with your folks. You don’t even have a family. You don’t have wealth. You don’t even have a shelter to snooze under. And you can’t sleep outside because it’s too chilly and you need to stay awake keeping yourself high to … [Read more…]

Project France Diaries #3

Well, today I got my TCF from the embassy. It was satisfactory. I got B1 in listening, B2 in grammar and A2 in reading. Total score is B1. It’s good enough for living in France, but not good enough if my major is in French. The good thing is that my major will be in … [Read more…]

Visitors from the West

Every now and then, I have some guests from other countries, most of whom are world travelers. This time, two cyclists came over who were traveling all the way to Japan (from Europe). They were very nice people. The reason I added this post is that they were the first travelers who wrote about me. … [Read more…]

Form Or Content?

One of the controversial topics discussed in almost every field is the challenge between form and content. One of the examples I’ve encountered related to second language identity, was in the movie “The Terminal”. In this movie, Tom Hanks stars as Viktor Navorski, a Krakozhian (one of the imaginary Soviet Union nationalities) traveller who is … [Read more…]

Project France Diaries #2

Well, my BA university said that I have to pay about $100 for the number of the months I lack working experience. No problem. I guess I’m lucky enough not to pay 3 grands with no insurance background. July 16th is close. And I’ll take TCF (Test de Connaîsance du Français) exam. If only I … [Read more…]

Project France Diaries #1

Well, I’m trying to go to France. So, I’d like to write a diary about it in my blog, so that after I achieve it, I can look back and see what I’ve done. I’ve already done a few things, like learning French. So, on July 16th, I’ll take TCF exam (Test de Connaissance du … [Read more…]

You’re never left behind

“The one who falls behind, is left behind.” It’s one of the pirates’ rules. But there are always guidelines to add to a human’s rule book. Sometimes you fall behind and you wonder if you are going to be left behind, too. But the divine guidelines will always come back to help you out of … [Read more…]