My Top 10 Musical Taste

I don’t know what to write exactly! I just wanted to share my 10 most favorite musical pieces with you. For your information, I don’t give a shit about the award which is called “Grammy”! Who the hell are they to decide what song is better than the other? I think a good musical piece … [Read more…]

Stupid English (Excuse my English!)

The more I learn English, the more I find it stupid in any linguistic category! Here are a couple of examples: Collocations: Why do they use sentences or phrases that has nothing to do with its real meaning and they never make sense! As an example, consider the expression “cut and paste” while using the … [Read more…]

Inside, Outside

It’s never clear how someone may look like from the other end of the line. Nor isn’t it clear how you look like inside from the outside. When I ask someone, “What kind of person are you?” they may give you a brief definition of their characteristics. But to what extend are these definitions true? … [Read more…]

Amazing Sentence

Hey fellas! Read this sentence: “I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications incomprehensibleness”. You didn’t get what happened? Scroll down until you see a photo of stones. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … [Read more…]

Learn How To Learn

“I wanna learn Russian.” said Margarita while daydreaming of learning pottery. She was a 22-year-old ambitious girl who was never satisfied with what she had and where she was, and even when she was! She knew a lot of things, but in a beginner and something level. She always regretted her fellas accomplishing one skill … [Read more…]


Silence… Be quiet… Keep your pretty mouth shut… baba Shut up! . . بیابان را سراسر گل گرفته سخن خاموش برادر دل گرفته چه در خانه چه در صحرای خاموش وجودم را کزاز و سل گرفته . . راستی . . بیابان را سراسر مه گرفته