roads_multiple_intersect_bryceIt’d been a long time that I hadn’t written anything. I don’t know why. But I felt like I couldn’t connect with myself. In the meantime, many incidents happened. Some apparently good incidents, and some apparently bad. I just call them “incidents”. Different people crossed my road. I traveled with some, and ignored some others. None of them stayed anyway. Each one of them had a story, and most of them did not have an appealing road to me. Some even departed their road with mine. Well, I don’t blame them. They had a really hard-to-pave road, and my road, it was so straight and smooth that really scared them to speed up. They thought I’m just a crazy fearless guy who stepping on it to go dangerously as fast as possible.

Anyway! I met somebody on the road. Somebody who could understand my road. He had a road of his own, but he could really understand the features of my road. I had forgotten them myself. And that’s why i couldn’t connect with myself. He’s really far from me, but he could show me my road. I was really happy. I was too fast, and the monotonousness of the road had distracted me. Like those drivers who fall asleep while driving. Thanks to those white dashed bumped stripes on the side of the road that wake you up when the wheel touches them. I decided to slow down a bit and enjoy the surrounding landscapes. Maybe it doesn’t matter after all to reach the destination. Maybe what matters is how we reach the destination. I stopped. Looked around a little bit, even looked back. It was beautiful. It was also ugly. Well, after all how is it possible to see the beauties without the ugly stuff? For a while, I watched others and how they move in their roads. I giggled a bit. It was strange how some people go off the road to take a shortcut. What’s up with the rush? There’s lots of inconveniences off the road, and even dangers. And I envied. I envied those who are super calm and drive ahead slowly, with no rush. I waved to them. They waved back to me and smiled calmly and confidently, and drove ahead.

It was beautiful to watch other. I learned a lot. But then again, I have a road to drive. Well, it’s time to go. The sun’s coming down and it’s getting dark.

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