It’s funny! You have a miserable terrible life. You don’t have a good relationship with your folks. You don’t even have a family. You don’t have wealth. You don’t even have a shelter to snooze under. And you can’t sleep outside because it’s too chilly and you need to stay awake keeping yourself high to forget about all these miseries. You cannot be touched. One the other end of the city, someone’s got too many rooms to sleep in. They’ve got a lot of money to splurge. Too many cars to drive in. A “well-liked” family to love. And a platonic love to share with. They cannot be touched. However, there’s something gone astray in both lives. Neither life is satisfactory. Even though they are worlds apart, they need to fulfill each other. The rich man needs the poor guy, and the poor guy needs the rich man. You are both intouchable.

The Intouchables directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toldedano with the wonderful acting of Omar Sy and François Cluzet shows this contradicting matching lives being merged together and reciprocate to excel both.


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    It is a long time that I havn’t heard anything about you…
    Is there any thing wrong… or there is some good news…
    pls let us know if it’s possible…

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