Have you ever heard that when you lose something, and you can’t remember where you’ve left it, you won’t find it again until you really let it go and get over it (unless it’s stolen for real). For example, you can’t find your keys. You keep searching and searching… and searching… but nope! It ain’t there. Frustrated from the search, you give up and decide to relax and have a coffee. You pick up the mug, and there it is, your keys in the mug!

I’m not sure if you’ve had a similar experience, or even if you believe in this thing. I know, it’s not scientific (yet) at all, but I truly believe in that and it works. But there’s a rookie problem here in some cases. Let’s take the key example again. Sometimes, giving up for real isn’t just a coffee break! It means to get a new copy of the key. Only then will you have truly let it go. And then you’ll find the keys, but alas… you don’t need them anymore!

This challenge of my will and my concern has always been fascinating to me (in my head). It’s not fair that the only way to let it go, is to find another way and stop needing it. And then it comes, and you don’t want it anymore. Then I thought, there must be a way to trick this son of a bitch.

Recently, I’d lost my wallet containing credit cards, student card, 25 euros, supermarket discount card, residency card, five metro tickets (worth of 30 euros), and the key generator of my credit cards (I know I’m stupid to carry it with me). So, when I got home, I realized it’s gone! I looked and looked and looked. But I couldn’t find it at all. Then I remembered all this mental challenge that in order to find it, I have to let it go. But letting it go means to cancel my credit cards, file a request for another one, also for my residency card, and all the other things and say goodbye to 55 euros. That was a lot to let go. Besides, I had to make sure it was not stolen. I swore an oath that this time I would overcome this bastard. “I WILL let it go whilst I won’t make new copies so that when I find them, I’ll need them.” I said with confidence. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: On an hourly basis, I tracked my bank account activity for 4 days. There was nothing going on. This means that it wasn’t stolen. The thief would have necessary information to spend money using my credit card.

Step 2: I told my brain “I don’t need that stupid wallet, and I’m not getting a new copy of my cards, because I’ve decided not to. Forget the 25 euros, I’m sure the finder will use it in a good way. From now on, I’ll go inside the bank and ask for money, like the old times. My residency card? I don’t need that either. I have a passport, and I’ll carry it with myself all the time, until I have to renew the residency, and they’ll give me a new one. The supermarket discount card? Just don’t buy as much. The 30 euro worth of metro card? Even it out by not paying for a while!!!”

Step 3: This part was the most difficult part. Because, I had to believe all that shit I said to my brain and live by it. But it’s difficult. I was keeping an eye on the lost wallet at all times. Even though I said all that stuff, I was constantly hoping that this method will find my wallet. But the whole thing is an antithesis. When you hope you’ll find it, it means you haven’t let it go! When you let it go, it means you stop hoping!

Step 4: Forget the plan, and go to your bank and cancel your old cards and ask for new ones, and then request for a new residency card and seriously, say goodbye to the 55 euros.

Step 5: Get dressed and take your phone with you.

Step 6: You need to charge your phone before you leave or take your spare battery.

Step 7: Pick up your spare battery, BAMMM…. the wallet is under the battery.

I must confess, I didn’t trick it. I truly let it go by genuinely deciding to get the new cards. I was just lucky I didn’t find it after having cancelled my cards!

O’ brain, thou art a smart bitch!

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