Back to 1994, I was a very young boy. I had nothing important to do but one thing. Winning and losing cards with the photo of World Cup 94 soccer players. Let me tell you how the game was played.

Very simple! There was two of us. We drew a circle with 10 cm of diameter and put in the same number of cards each, let’s say 5. Each of us had a single slipper for directing the game. Starting off from the circle, I threw my slipper where I wanted, far enough so that he couldn’t reach me, near enough so that I could reach him! The one who hit the other’s slipper with his, could threw toward the circle and win them if his slipper hit them. This is the whole instrcutions.

Then one day there was a tragedy! I bet all my cards, 150! And after a long challenge, I won them all! Very excitedly and happily, I started to count them as if I was couting US dollars! All of a sudden, my opponent pinched them all off my hands and ran away. And then there was nothing I could do. I let out a mighty swear… sorry… too poetic and unreal… I just shouted: “Hey asshole, I’ll take revenge someday!”

I never got them cards back, and I never took my revenge either! You know, I don’t usually take revenge. Just get over it!

P.S. I hate soccer.

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