Man has always been looking for perfection and peace (of self). They do whatever it takes to have it. They start with providing for the basic needs to more intellectual and abstract needs. Like the way Abraham Maslow describes needs in his “pyramid of needs”, we are always struggling to achieve the top.

1024px-MaslowsHierarchyOfNeeds.svg[1]Where every nation stands in this hierarchy is very much dependent to their political, social, economical, and cultural conditions. Those who are still struggling with their basic needs such as food and shelter usually have one goal in life: to put food in their mouth and stay alive. On the other hand, those who have successfully achieved these needs come up with new needs. They already have food, shelter, someone to love, and a group to belong to. What’s new is the mental challenge of “which dress do I wear today to work?”, or the more sophisticated ones “was Van Gogh suffering from schizophrenia?”. There is no right or wrong in needs. It’s a developmental thing.

The problem lies where groups at a particular level of needs do not understand other groups and they think they are better or worse. For example, those who have conquered most needs start to have a new need: “To fix the ones below them.” Like nations who have made lots of progress and are referred to as “first world” countries think that it’s time to help “third world” countries develop. Then they euphemized them as “developing” countries. This happens when you allow yourself to think that you do things better than others, so you’re “OK” and they need to be OK and fixed by you. I think one must be careful with what one needs. When everyone says “it’s my life” or “what am I gonna do with my life?”, they forget the fact that life is not something that they possess. It’s something that exists. Louis C.K. portrays it very simply “It’s life, singular, you just take part in it. So stop being worried that what you’re going to do with it. Just put food in your mouth until the day you die.” It’s very easy. Once you stop wanting more, everyone gets a fair share. So, don’t worry if people below you need to be fixed. They are taking their part in life.

The sad part is that, it’s inevitable. You can’t choose to be like this. Things all happen by itself.

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