I’m a fan of musics. I used to listen to classical music so much and my favorite one was Ludwig van Beethoven. I’ve always been haunted by his music. His Moonlight Sonata 1 is my favorite piece. It’s full of chords, harmonies, modulations, and a sort of disorganization.

After so many years, my taste improved to Metallica. I found all those things in James Hetfield’s music and lyrics. I strongly can say that he’s haunted me.

Metallica's 2008 Album: Death Magnetic

On September 10, 2008 they released their new album “Death Magnetic”. Although they say piracy is not good, but I take it for granted! Here are the links to download this album.

P.S. All the tracks’ genres are Thrash Metal except the two Ballads of Unforgiven III and The Day That Never Comes. Those who like Metallica’s Ballads can download only these two.

Full Album Download

Download Link 1

Download Link 2


Track Download

That Was Just Your Life

The End of the Line

Broken, Beat & Scarred

The Day That Never Comes

All Nightmare Long


The Unforgiven III

The Judas Kiss

Suicide & Redemption

My Apocalypse


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