Morteza YazdaniI was born in Kashmar, Iran. I grew up in Mashhad, the second biggest city in Iran, and then to pursue my education I moved to Sabzevar, where I majored in English language and literature. Later on, I spent two years to learn French, some German, and prepare myself to study linguistics as a master’s degree. I then moved to Tehran to study applied linguistics and TEFL as a master’s degree. Eventually, I enrolled in a PhD program in Barcelona, Spain in linguistics.

I am a totally goal-oriented person and I finish what I start. I find solutions for the problems I face. I am a team player and motivate my teammates, just like a scrum master would do, and get motivated by them. I have a very positive attitude towards success and I often achieve what I sign up for. In general, I dream big, and I achieve big dreams.

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I’ve worked as a project manager, linguist, translator, transcriber, QA tester, web programmer, web designer, interface designer, musician, composer, and recruiter.