Setting: A blind man, who’s a piano teacher, and a man are sitting in a cafe separately, and Susan, the waitress, is serving others. The blind man is not aware that the man is watching him.

Blind man: Hey Susan, how’s Ryan?

Susan: He’s at his dad’s this weekend.

Blind man: Will you tell him whenever his ready for his lesson?

Susan: Alright, you know, things are crazy at school, but okay, when school’s up.

Blind man: Oh, that’s perfect

[Susan is leaving to serve other customers. Man approaches the blind man]

Man: How’s the pie?

Blind man: It’s…it’s good.

Man: You’re gonna ask her out?… the waitress?

Blind man: ahhh… noooo…

Man: You never know!

Blind man: Oh, I don’t think she sees me!



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