People can be easily pissed off at things. Doesn’t matter what conditions they have, they just find a reason to be pissed off. I’ll give you some diverse examples. Some people, Iranians for example, are always pissed off at economy and how much the former president screwed up the financial comfort of the society. Likewise, the English are complaining about the same thing. They’re constantly nagging about their government that it’s not doing well, and economy is shit and everything’s bloody expensive. Germans are pissed off at being unemployed once in a while and these fucking immigrants are taking their jobs, and some people joke about Nazis and Hitler. Poles are angry because they don’t get enough of Europe. Half of them are whining that why “euro” isn’t their currency, and the other half are against the first half. Catalans want Catalonia to be officially a country, not just an independent part of Spain. Spaniards don’t want Moroccans to change their culture. Americans are complaining that they don’t feel safe enough. They need more security. They want insurance. It’s dangerous out there. Everyone in the world wants to hurt them.

Some have had bad experiences and seen bad things and they are something-phobic all the time. Drivers on the road are like “these fucking criminal hitch-hikers constantly smoke weed and rape drivers and kill them and take their cars”. Hitch-hikers are like “fucking rich people have all these fancy cars going the same direction as me and not even considering picking me up”. A girl who’s just had a bad break up is like “who needs men, I’m better off without them, I can now do the things I’ve always wanted to do”, and boys are like “girls are dumb, they don’t satisfy me intellectually, they’re complicated, they don’t know what they want”. Feminists are pissed off at evolution! They suck at relationships, because they think if they give in, they’re losers, so they fight in a relationship just to prove that one doesn’t need to compromise to improve the relationship. Some losers nag because they can’t have something, and they never think of it as they’ve never tried enough. Other losers nag because they keep losing. Friends complain because they don’t get as much as they give. What are you, a businessman? Vegetarians are all “oh my God! Look at these meat eaters! How can you be so cruel? How can you love human beings if you can’t love animals? I hate you”. Meat eaters are like “you stupid morons, you think you’re the only intellectuals who know how to respect the world and nature”. Organic farmers eat meat, but they can’t be happy because of pesticide usage in some farms. Humanitarians are pissed off because there’s AIDS in Africa and children are born to starve to death. PETA people are pissed because animals starve to death. People and animals who starve to death are pissed because other people don’t give a damn. Capitalists are pissed off because this months they made 1 billion dollars less than their last month’s 200 billion dollar income out of consumerists’ miserable lives. Consumerists are pissed off because they need to wait in a long queue for hours to get the new iPad. Pfffff… I need some fresh air.

* * *

I am pissed off, too. Pissed off at all the things I just said. Pissed off at all these naggers. I wish just for once, I could see everything, and yet try to do what makes me feel better, not just to do it to get back at these naggers. I don’t know if I wrote this post because I wanted to get back at them, or I just wrote it to make myself feel better. Whatever!


  1. In general that was OK, but maybe you should reconsider the last paragraph again. To me it’s just a big cliche!
    People need to be pissed off at some points. You are pissed off at others because they are pissed off at their own things; well that simply means you think everybody is stupid and you are the best!

  2. Well I agree, nagging is bad m’kay. But I think we should nag about politics, it’s always going wrong besides this is the only thing we’ve got to discuss. Now you’re nagging about other’s nagging

    • n3ol3oy

      You’re absolutely right Majid. But we must take two important principles into account before starting to nag (complain). First, is it going to be constructive? Second, are you sure you’re not just pissed off personally, because most of those who nag are not trying to make things better, they’re just unhappy people that no matter what they have, they always finding something to nag about. My target group in this article is exactly these people. As an example, many people in Europe hate the first day of the week, because they must go to work, and some believe that having 2 days for the weekend is not enough, it should be 3. But if you tell somebody in Iran “hey, from now on, you don’t have to work 6 or 7 days a week, you only work 5 days a week and 1/4 of your salary will cover your rent”, they’re just gonna be super happy and start walking on the moon. But after 1 generation, their kids are gonna start to complain again “jeeeezzz I have to work FIVE days a week”… and the story goes on and on… Where does it end? It ends when you actually see what you have.

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