Well, my BA university said that I have to pay about $100 for the number of the months I lack working experience. No problem. I guess I’m lucky enough not to pay 3 grands with no insurance background.

July 16th is close. And I’ll take TCF (Test de Connaîsance du Français) exam. If only I can get a B2 level.

One more thing, there’s a scholarship for Iranians granted by European something which is called Erasmus Mundus. Well, this year they said that they will have to decide if the program is still available or not. By August, they’ll let me know and in October, I’ll have to register for it. If I get the scholarship, everything’s gonna be covered such as accommodation, tuition fees, food, and everything for 36 months! SCORE!

Is pursuit of my education gonna be fun or what? Let’s keep all the fingers crossed coz I’m one lucky douche-bag!

Adios for today.

P.S. I also registered for IELTS exam.

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