Well, today I got my TCF from the embassy. It was satisfactory. I got B1 in listening, B2 in grammar and A2 in reading. Total score is B1. It’s good enough for living in France, but not good enough if my major is in French. The good thing is that my major will be in English and B1 is enough to cope with more than daily needs.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be taking IELTS speaking. I hope to get a 9 out of 9. LOL.


  1. A

    چقدر اینجا سوت و کوره!
    چرا این همه سکوت؟
    حالا غیر از خاطرات مربوط به جمع کردم مدارک فرانسه مطلب دیگر هم بنویسید خب

  2. Azadeh Mafi

    I read your blog, it was interesting.
    But why do you like to go to France? Why France?
    Most of the people I know, just want to go from Iran. They want to escape!
    But for you is important to go to France 🙂
    I hope it happen to you

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