Me in Budapest, Jaunary 2016

Me in Budapest, Jaunary 2016

Hungarian art hasn’t ceased to amaze me yet. Omega is an iconic but underrated progressive rock band in the world. Anyone who wants to understand music in a different level must at least once listen to Omega.

Their song “Léna” (also in English called “Russian Winter”) is about a Russian guy, Dimitri (of course), telling Lena’s, his beloved, story. I’ve spent a few days during the cold winter in Budapest. It was all covered in snow and it was cold and dismal and gloomy. Very inspirational! When I listened to this song today, it brought all those feelings back.

A part of the song, when Dimitri has lost his beloved and a long time has passed, he admits that he’s sad, because all this was just a story. A feeling of the need to belong to somebody. There are a lot of possibilities, and I’m not a love expert. But I think either he must have been loved by her, or he must have been able to show who he is to her even though she hasn’t done the same. Anyways, honestly, it makes me happy to know that Dimitri was sad. Because only then can he realize that he can feel happiness.

This is a sad song. Every element used in it says so. Starting from the words: frozen, gale, past, gone, snow, sad… continuing to the grammar all past verbs are about happy things and present verbs are about sad things. And the musical elements are remarkably chosen: Minor scale, slightly slow rhythm, and the repetition of phrases over and over again depicts a continuous sadness. The “wah-wah” effect which is a pedal used for electric guitars mostly depicts crying (I have one that says “cry baby” on it!). The trembling semiquaver notes (16th notes) depicts shivering from the cold and sadness. I can go on and on about this, but it’s gotta stop at some point.

Such a masterpiece. I wish I was this good.

P.S. Happy Poetry Day in Hungary (April 11)
P.P.S. How cool is it that I didn’t know at the time of writing this post about Hungarian art, it was actually the Poetry Day in Hungary. Brought to attention by a Hungarian friend.

Russian Winter by Omega

Frozen land, a winter gale
Dimitri tells me Lena’s tale
A beauty queen
She was just perfect in the role
Remember her
We rode together through the snow

It’s just a tale, a winter gale
These stormy times had passed away
Lena was gone
When came the light of the dawn
She was my love
And now the troika stands alone

Frozen land, a winter gale
I’m sad that now it’s just a tale
She was a queen
If I could be with her again
Outside the snow and by her side I feel the same

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