Which one would you choose?

  1. To kill someone;
  2. to kill yourself;
  3. to get killed by someone;
  4. or to stop a suicidal.

And the default choice is the third one, coz if you don’t choose you are to get killed. To select any of these alternatives there must be a reason. If you wanna kill someone it must be for a reason. It can be anger, revenge, honor, hate, or money. To kill yourself, you need to have had enough of life. To get killed, you have to evoke someone’s desire to kill, that is the same reasons to kill someone. And finally, to stop a suicidal, you should be certain if he can change himself. For me, it’s very difficult to decide, but I would choose the 4th one, maybe because it looks safer. But who assures if it doesn’t cause someone get killed, another kills someone, and you finally get killed while committing suicide!

From the movie In Bruges by Martin McDonagh

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