The more I learn English, the more I find it stupid in any linguistic category! Here are a couple of examples:

Collocations: Why do they use sentences or phrases that has nothing to do with its real meaning and they never make sense! As an example, consider the expression “cut and paste” while using the computer. We don’t usually cut and paste, but we mostly copy and paste. I double-checked my dictionary to compare the two words and ended up in vain!

Morphologically: Here’s another morphological example. When something works, they say: “it’s functioning.”, but if it works bad, they say: “it’s malfunctioning.”. A famous person is well-known in a good way to all people. But if he’s famous in a bad way, he’s not malfamous, but infamous, while an incorrect answer is a not-correct answer!

Phonologically: Consider the pronunciation of “ou” in “hour”, “sour”, “mouth”, and “house”. Now why “soul”, as in “bowl”? And why “bowl” doesn’t rhymes with “how”, “now”, “clown”, etc?

Pragmatically: Another stupid expression is used when in a polite context they want to use a phrase in a vulgar register. They use the expression “Excuse my French!” to warn the listener of an incoming impolite utterance! Consider the following conversation as an example:

Woman: So, how did you make it to pass the exam?
Man: Well, first I had a tutor explain me the chapters I didn’t understand well, and then, excuse my French, I hit the fucking books until the midnight’s oil was burnt!

Now, are French folks supposed to say “Excuse mon anglais!” when they want to express their thrill or anger?

What a stupid language! I wonder how I could learn it to this extent!


  1. Charly

    hi there!!!!!why not hi here?! it may b stupid 2,but any language may have such stupidities!!!!!in french 90 should be said as 4*20+5 WOW!!!!!
    First calculate then add up then say the num. in french,it is even more stupid than too stupid,tooooooooooooooooooo stupid,isnt it?

  2. Charly

    it seems that i made a BIG mistake in that 90,is it let me think it over………..
    yes i got it 4*20+10,
    for sure they must be……..?!

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