It was a long time I was longing a trip to Tehran, but never got the chance. Finally, this goddamn Konkoor exam, made it possible. I had the exam on Thursday, May 7. At 12:30, I got to Tehran’s train station and at 4 I had to start the 200-minute-long exam, after a night with a terrible sleep!

May 7 2009, Thursday, Exam day

@ 3:30 pm I got to the exam’s place, starving and tired, got myself a some-crappy-stuff-burger and took a crap right after!

@ 4:00 pm the exam started. 200 test items, 200 minutes time, and 200 kilograms weight on my eyelids! The test was easy, but I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even distinguish between the test question and the alternatives. So, I decided to take a 20-minute nap. Everyone was smirking at me expressing the fact that usually people sleep in bed and answer tests in an exam session. But I was so sure of my speed that I would answer all the tests sooner than others. So I took the most comfortable nap ever!

@ 6:10 pm I finished the exam and took another crap to evacuate the remainders of that crappy-burger. Then I bumped into an old college friend who just appeared out of nowhere. Two guys from two different parts of Iran, meet in a common place of another part of Iran.

@ night I went to some dear friend’s house from whom I received warm hospitality.

May 8 2009, Friday, Music day

Nothing much about it except for the night when I met another dear friend of mine and we played some tunes on the guitar and the piano together!

May 9 2009, Saturday, Book fair day

Book fair sucked!

@ 12:00 pm me and my friend got into the place, and thank God he knew which book was where, so we didn’t have to wander around the place, which was designed to perform prayers!

@ 4:00 we joind a couple of friends and went out downtown to join another friend and we had a little fun after all.

May 10 2009, Sunday, le jour de la France

@ 10:30 my friend and I decided to pay France Embassy a visit, since we were both very much interested in their language. We went to the street where the embassy was supposed to be. First we saw Britain Embassy, then there was Rome St. where Italy Embassy, then there was a church which looked like a personal residence of a rich person and then Neauphle-le-Château St. where we were so sure exists the France Embassy, but we ended up in vain and tried to forget the loss by going to a café and smoking Hookah.

The rest of the trip was not very important to talk about, except for the part when I was on the train and a guy claims to speak French, and gets screwed up when he is asked by others to say some sentences in French and he finds out that I know some French! Then he says: “Oh my God! What a rusty mind I have, I don’t know where did all those French go after I stopped learning!”

“What a disgusting jerk!”, I thought!

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