The truth is ugly. And if you can’t see this ugliness, you’re not real. The truth is that we see the world as it should be, not as it is. I’m sorry for us.

We talk about carpe diem, seize the day, live in the moment. The truth is that we never really believe in it. We want to believe in it, but the truth is that we miss the moments. We are too preoccupied with yesterday and too worried about tomorrow that we have no time to seize the day.

We wear masks. We hide behind politeness. We are charming. We hide behind happiness. We trade compliments. And we survive. We hide behind ‘good will’. We think we are good people and making the world a better place. We think that if we help somebody in need, we are good people. And yet we forget the fact that it only makes us feel better. All in all ends up in narcissism. It’s a basic instinct. That’s why we advertise. That’s why we NEED TO be cool. Because if you’re not cool, you won’t get the attention anymore and your narcissism won’t be satisfied. So, go fuck yourself if you think you do what you do to make the world a better place.

Great men were never cool in their time. Van Gogh was uncool. Beethoven was a loser. Hemingway was creepy. Mozart was crazy. Who was cool? Steve Jobs was cool. Maserati is cool. Successful people are cool.

You’re not a good person. No, you’re not when you don’t have emotions nor a soul. You’re a piece of meat who likes to consume and create needs to raise more consumers. That’s because you’re cool. Enjoy the world then.

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